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IRIS Beach Club is an ocean-front summer destination where you can spend an entire day in an unpretentious yet quietly sophisticated setting.

A blank canvas for inspiration, the view at IRIS Beach Club makes for an impressive wedding venue.
At this beach club, you don’t have to compromise a good meal for a day in the sun, as it combines the quality and devotion to detail of a fine dining restaurant with the laid-back and casual well-being of a Sunday afternoon BBQ on the beach.
Caught between a pastoral plantation and the stunning Mediterranean Sea, the setting evokes just what IRIS Beach Club is all about. It leads you down a rustic unpaved road sheltered by walls of banana leaves to a place where easiness meets unreformed style.
IRIS Beach Club is part of Add-mind family, the mother company behind White, Iris, Caprice and many more.

Kindly note, children are not allowed.